42 Education

Enabling children to teach themselves basic literacy and numeracy skills using technology

Our mission

Educational systems around the world have remained almost identical for the past 300 years. One teacher, thirty students, and curricula based on textbooks that assume every child learns the same way. Many innovations have arisen in the last few decades that could transform the way we learn, such as adaptive learning, spaced repetition, flipped classrooms, and the list goes on – all coming from a wide array of fields including neuroscience, cognitive science, and pedagogy. Yet they are underused, despite their proven significant advantages.

In the last two decades, there has been a 600% increase in prevalence of autism and dyslexia is globally recognized as a problem that should be addressed. By applying the aforementioned innovations and by creating a personalized curriculum for every child, we provide assistance to children with learning disabilities and ensure that they will get the same high quality education as every other person.

880 million people are currently illiterate, most of them being in Africa, the Middle East or India. Increasing access to mobile phones, internet access and affordable IT hardware should be able to provide technology-based education to children across the developing nations, but this is not happening. Education should be a human right and we should aim to give every child the chance at a high quality education.

Learn by playing

Our goal is to make it fun to learn, by embedding the learning content in minigames, integrated by our API.

Adapting for the child

We are developing algorithms based on MIT research to fully adapt the curriculum on learning style and order.

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